The Branding Power of Signage: A Profitable Guide

Your custom-made signs are the face of your business. Indeed, they probably communicate more commercial information than you might think. Good sign printing tells passers-by who you are, what you value, and what they can gain from your products or services. Treat your advertising carelessly – with shoddy laser cutting and fading print – and your clients will think your products are equally tatty. Great signage sends out all the right messages, and it therefore has a direct effect on your business profits.

Custom business signs

Looking for professional custom business signs designers and manufacturers? We can offer our services and exceed your expectations!

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Digital signage

Looking for professional digital signage designers and manufacturers? We can offer our services and exceed your expectations!

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Sign boards

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Shop front signs

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Of course, signage is more than just the letters place above your company doorway. It advertises your important promotions, helps buyers to find their way to till points, and brands your office building for suppliers and business partners. That’s why MGM Baltic is so passionate as leading a sign company.

Exterior Signs

Your outdoor signs can generate quantifiable returns on investment, drawing traffic to your company and communicating the distinctive characteristics of your brand. Their “wow” factor will make a lasting impression on your clients, extending your brand reach far beyond its address. Exterior signs can be broken down into a few subcategories:

• Temporary advertising banners.
• Way-finding signage that makes it easy for prospective buyers to find you.
• Permanent exterior branding.
• Freestanding pole signs designed to draw traffic from a distance.
• Window graphics that add further context to your merchandising.
• Mobile and traditional billboard advertising.

A combination of signs that cover all your practical needs can soon extend your brand reach at a cost-effective price. Building wraps might deliver an instant sales lift, but way-finders and the like are equally important to your wider consumer audience. As a sign maker, MGM Baltic specialises in advertising media from the moment of the concept’s inception to the final on-site installation. Our knowledge of the marketing industry brings a unique edge to our services. We’ll create gold out of your marketing strategies, handling your branding as meticulously as we would our own.

Interior Signs

Your indoor signage guides your customers through your retail or office space while adding branding relevance to your merchandise. This is your perfect opportunity to upsell through promotions and special offers. Indoor signs include:

• Point-of-sale signs.
• Interior branding and digital signage display systems.
• Adverts for current promotions and selected special offers.
• Interior way-finding signs to guide clients through your retail space.
• Data about promotions.

We offer everything from informational displays and brochures to LED lightboxes and custom stands. If the advertising technology exists, we can deliver it with finesse. If you don’t have any particular marketing experience, then you can count on our concept team to help you develop your brand strategy.

Signage Media and Materials

There are many uses of signs in media, with custom approaches to suit every brand. Each technology comes with its own unique challenges. Acrylic, laser-cut signs demand a large working surface and the ability to manage material thicknesses of 30 millimetres or more. And if you prefer an embossed aesthetic, you will definitely need a signage partner who has potent spindles, precision rates of 0.1 millimetres, and working areas of up to 4050. If you’re hunting for a more organic aesthetic rendered from marble, glass, or wood, then you’ll need a service provider who can handle widths of 1 to 3 millimetres. As a high-quality sign shop, MGM Baltic delivers on all three of these fronts and more, so you can count on a flawless finish that will reflect the superiority of your business. Your material options include:

• Push-through acrylic signs.
• Post and panel signs ideal for way-finding and location identification.
• Channel letters that enhance clarity.
• Illuminated signs that will brand in low-lit areas throughout the night.
• Digital signage solutions.
• Stand-off see-through or solid-hued signage – best for portraying a strong brand.
• Portable A-frame stands and brochure boards.

A Closer Look at Methods

You deserve the freedom to find your own unique look, so we work with an extensive array of technologies.

Channel Letters

Channel letters add 3D flare to your signage through standard, reverse-lit, and exposed neon options. Their extra dimension improves their readability while also offering a low-maintenance lifespan. They carry a small carbon footprint and, when lit, carry your signage on through the night. Characters can be filled with acrylics, rust-free aluminium, or other heavy-duty materials. Front-lit options “wear” their illumination over the lettering’s surface and are easier to read from extreme angles. Reverse-lit letters are a minimalist option that is so easy to keep clean. They’re also energy-efficient, highly visible from a distance, and very easy to customise.


Lightboxes bring a trendy aesthetic to your storefront or restaurant. We offer both single and double-sided lightboxes, and both are effective from a distance. They can carry a range of different advertising messages or simply function as your chosen exterior branding. They’re designed to pop, so they function well as way-finders, but their tendency to captivate also makes them an excellent option for communicating your company’s brand personality, too.

CNC Milling

CNC machining offers more dimensional accuracy than most other alternatives. In plain English, it brings you a precise result in exchange for quick turnaround times. This allows you to create your own sign prototypes, even if you’re building a one-off unit. This is one of our most efficient techniques, and we use it with aplomb. We offer CNC lasers and plasma cutters to hone the finer details of your desired shape.


Do you have a small-scale project? We’ll handle your custom-made displays and stands. If you’re on the way to a trade show or are planning a profitable black Friday, our indoor and outdoor displays bring you the cost-effectiveness you need for short term signage.

Outdoor Advertising

Our eye-catching adverts and billboards will draw plenty of attention towards your business. Our LED billboards offer better aesthetics than conventional monitors, so they’re perfect for video advertising campaigns. They needn’t be placed outdoors, of course. If your interior is begging for a dramatic advertising campaign, illuminated billboards are sure to make an impression. Digital billboard advertising can attract attention in busy city hubs, and their short lead times make them as affordable as they are striking.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond polishing and edge finishing is an innovative new technique that achieves a precise edge for a range of different materials and sizes. It can shave away a third to a half of your processing time without producing unattractive bubbling. We use it for shopfitting installations and signs because of its clean results.

We can handle tough techniques like vacuum thermo-falling, plastic bending, and PVC films. Your only limitation is the size of your goals. Your signs should represent your brand values beautifully, so we give each contract the attention to detail that it deserves.

Industry-Specific Needs

Every business is different, so every strategy for sign making will need to be unique. Government bodies and healthcare institutions count on way-finding signs and informative banners to improve their functionality, for example, whereas retailers need to focus on communicating a strong image. There again, corporations often rely on sign systems that appeal to their team’s morale and company culture. Trends pass in the blink of an eye so, no matter your industry, we create a timeless aesthetic that will be as relevant next year as it is today.

In Summary

The absence of exterior branding tells potential buyers that you have nothing to communicate, so give your brand a voice with high-quality, bespoke signs. Internal signs can continue to reinforce your brand identity, so long as they are professionally made and fitted for you. Please contact us today to discuss your options.