Exhibition stand and sign makers





Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m looking for a sign company near me”? If so, look no further than us – MGM Baltic.

We are an established international sign company specializing in innovative advertisement products. We are experienced sign makers, and can design and create a comprehensive range of products in all shapes and sizes, made from a large variety of materials. Our state of the art sign company is one of the leading sign shops, making us pre-eminent in the field of sign design and sign printing.

Here are some of the signing solutions that set us apart from other sign shops:

External Signing
Obviously one of the basic necessities for any business is to let people know who you are, where you are, and what you do. We can manufacture durable and long-lasting signs and signboards to meet any presentation specification, and in any style you wish: anything from ultra-modern to classical kitsch, and everything in between.

But we don’t just supply exterior signs to businesses. If you are a government body, a health care provider, a charity, a sports club, or any other type of organisation, we can make signs for you too. If you need them for the outside of your buildings, or just for pointing the public your way, we guarantee that we can match your corporate design standards in terms of lettering, images, insignia, and logos.

Internal Signing
Once people are inside your premises they need to know where to go. Of course, buildings come in a virtual infinity of sizes and shapes, and sign designs need to be flexible enough to suit any space. Door signs, wall signs, ceiling-hanging signs, projecting signs, illuminated signs, we can make them all. And, if you are in a place where tenants change frequently, such as a shopping centre, then you could definitely make good use of our easy to alter directory signs.

And we know that signage is more than just about giving information – it also needs to fit in with the furnishings and décor around it, and we will ensure that it does. Whether you want wooden, plastic, resin, acrylic, or metal (brass, steel, aluminium etc) signs, or any combination of materials, we can design and produce quality products that will seamlessly match their surroundings.

A different approach to signing is to use individually carved letters that are mounted on a wall or sign panel, often in such a way that there is a small gap between them and their mount. This give the words depth, allowing them to stand out in interesting and eye-catching ways. We can provide Lettering in a full range of styles and materials, just let us know your requirements.

Sometimes you need a plaque to give out as an award for an individual, team, or organisation, or to commemorate an occasion or achievement. We can make plaques in a range of styles: engraved plaques in a choice of finishes, 3D mounted plaques (three-dimensional sculptured lettering or designs), and cast plaques (foundry-cast from molten metal). All exquisitely crafted to your specifications.

These are just a sample of the sign maker services we provide. If you require something different just get in touch and we will do our very best to satisfy your needs.

MGM Baltic has been called many things: a signboard maker, a sign company, a sign maker, and one of the leading sign shops. But whatever you call us, once you have tried our services we hope that you will agree that MGM Baltic are experts in all aspects of signage design, and sign manufacturing.