Our Range of Industrial Service Offerings

MGM Baltic offers a wide variety of high-quality industrial services. We undertake design, production, and installation. And as required, we can customise any of our listed services to meet your individual needs. As one of the leading plastic fabrication companies, our service portfolio is designed to meet the requirements of different companies in various industries.

CNC milling

Professional and precise CNC milling – contact us if you need to mill plastic, woods, or other materials. High-quality and reliability guaranteed.

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Laser cutting

Professional and precise laser cutting – contact us if you need our services. High-quality and reliability always guaranteed.

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Acrylic polishing

Need a high-end edge finishing of the plastic product? We will polish plastic without changing the properties of a plastic edge.

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Thermoforming plastic

We offer thermoforming services – by heating and forming plastic, we produce various plastic products with a unique shape. Need our services? Contact us.

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Installation and service

For your convenience, we offer high-quality signage manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services. Contact our professionals.

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Plastic fabrication

We can offer you a wide range of plastic fabrication solutions – plastic bending, bonding. High-quality and reliability guaranteed.

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The following is a brief introduction to what we can offer:

• CNC milling: With our dedicated CNC milling operations, we offer all industrial milling services and emboss patterns, texts, and images on different materials.
• Laser cutting and engraving: With no physical cutting tools involved, we can laser-cut any possible form or shape with high precision and attention to the smallest detail.
• Diamond polishing: Incorporating the latest technologies, we use diamond-polishing to achieve high-end finishes on plastics e.g. acrylic polishing.
• Vacuum thermoforming: With this technique, we can create multiple shapes and forms from plastic. The process entails heating and positioning the plastic material on the required form, to produce a unique shape.
• LED or luminescent sign installation: We help our clients advertise their products and make them really stand out from the competition. The illumination process uses a range of lighting solutions, including LED modules, LED flexible strips, LED neon tubes, halogen lamps, and fluorescent lamps.
• PVC stickers and film application: This service can supply all your informational and promotional stickers.
• Plastic bending: Our plastic fabrication team bend plastics of different types to make holders, displays, technical parts, etc.
• Plastic bonding: Thanks to our high-quality glue and bonding technologies, we can bond different kinds of plastics and guarantee the highest bonding quality.
• Screen printing: This service entails painting a product with a unique silk yarn web. We can apply this technique to various surface combinations including cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, metal and fabric.

In addition, we can also offer general installation and service facilities. Contact MGM Baltic if you have industrial service requirements and want your project to be professionally implemented to the highest professional standards.